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Version: 2.6.x

Understanding Error Message

This section discusses how to understand error messages from Typescript.

Take The Last One

Always looking at the last error message and ignore the rest. Example:

take the last error message

In this example, the correct field path is a and __name__(__name__ is a default comparison path of every document, see document Id)

Peeling Composite Query Error Messages

Composite Query

When using composite query, we need peel the error messages in order to find out the real culprit:

composite error message

narrowing down

Nested Composite Query

Nested composite query error messages are messy:

nested composite error message is a huge mess and you should ignore them

Solution is to peel until you see an error message that makes sense:

continue peeling until you find the relevant error message

Currently it is a mess, I am still trying to understand why the error bubble up into a clunky error message.

Hopefully we dont need to peel any error anymore in the future.